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No servers are currently up and running! Please wait while we finish developing the site, forums, group, and servers! Thanks for your patience.

Current Servers

Check Out Our Current Operating Servers!

Classic DarkRP

A Semi-Serious Role-play world that is currently running on rp_downtown_v4c_v2. This server contains fun addons, jobs, and content to make your role-play experience the best it can be!

Vanilla RP

Ever miss playing the basic 2.4.3 version of DarkRP but still have the same sleek & smooth feel of DarkRP 2.7? Try out our Vanilla RP server, where it's a reskin of DarkRP 2.4.3! The server is currently running on the map rp_downtown_v2.

Serious RP

Ever want to hang out of a van window shooting at the police while in a high speed chase with the President in the back seat? Make that dream happen on our Serious RP server! The current map is rp_evocity_v33x. This large map give players the capability to base anywhere they want, roam around where they want, and do what they want in a realistic manner!

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◢WG◤ Walrus-Gaming

WalrusGaming Community was founded by Walrus in around 2014. The community has grown tremendously over this past year. Thankfully to many of the players, they have stuck with us through all the server changes, updates, donations and much more. We were able to afford our own server machine! Having issues with any of the servers? Make sure you report this on the forums! This can help is fight off those nasty abusers and Ddos'ers Staying updated Staying connected with your favorite community is important, isn't it? Make sure you enter the steam group "Walrus-Gaming", and become a new member on our website! Looking for our servers is really simple! Make sure you just head on our website and click "Our Servers"!

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